Prescription Policy

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  • 10Rx™ LLC is an online doctor's office, not a prescription fulfillment warehouse. Our mission is to bring ultra-low cost healthcare to everyone in America.
  • Our clinical protocols ensure we only help our patients when we're confident we can meet the 'standards of care'. As such, we sadly can't help all of the people all of the time. This means we may advise you that it's in your best interest to see a medical professional in person rather than use our online service. We can guarantee that we'll try to provide you with great care. We can't guarantee that we'll give you a prescription.
  • Our doctors and nurse practitioners only write prescriptions for the specific medical conditions we treat. In that sense we're very different from a traditional doctor's office. A traditional doctor's office can manage your full range of healthcare needs, whereas we cannot.
  • We operate subject to state telemedicine regulations. This means that in most states you'll need to complete a video consultation with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners. The doctor or nurse practitioner that takes responsibility for your care is licensed to provide care in your state.
  • We do not write prescriptions for DEA controlled substances.